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Water & Jellyfishes

Dakhla Saharauis

Dakhla´s Sunset

Seychelles Islands

Dakhla Sports

Dakhla White Dune


Beach: Dominican Republic, Zanzibar, Cerdeña, Sicily

Dakhla Dragon island

Dakhla Animals

Dakhla lagoon, beach & fisherman boats

Thousands of years of winds, of erosion, where almost nothing seems to inhabit, or grow, where some say.. "there is nothing there".. that is what our eyes perceive, but our spirit once faces the void, begins to find, because it searches and does not tire, because the Sahara whispers, and the elements manipulate us almost at will and you have no choice but to surrender and surrender to everything that surrounds you, wind, sand, water, elements to those of us who belong and do not realize it ... alone... in silence, there where there seems to be nothing..there "I found the whole, the fullness.. through the emptiness.."

“ The crab photo is lovely!!”

Marlies and Boogie. Dutchies en las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

"They are wonderful!! OMG, I love it!! The size is perfect!"

Ramon & Anna. Valencia - Spain

“I put it in my bathroom where water belongs...the photos are great !!!

Jean Pierre Brusseleers, Brussels-Belgium.

“We received the photos last night.. They are beautiful, thank you!!! We have Dakhla with us now at home!"

Fanny and Guillaume.Bouc bel Aire -France.

"Hey Mariano! The canvas looks great. Not hung up yet, but already beautiful! Xx"

Kathleen Van Beveren - Belgium